We're smart enough to know we're not actually gods.

Well, some of us are anyway.



September 12th, 2008


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Okay - just to shake things up, b/c the guy's already nuts, this will be at least two(2) characters in one journal. There's gonna be Ba'al the original, then Ba'al the clone #13.

Now, #13 isn't necessarily 'unlucky', just pissed off because he's found out that he's not #1 (he's a Goa'uld, they ALL want to be #1). Being something other than #1 means that it's highly probable that he won't live quite as long as the others. Direct evidence of this is some of the murderous activity that's already gone on with the Jaffa and SGC (neither of whom like Ba'al all that much). So, #13 here is going to make great attempts to prolong his life while, at the same time, making Ba'al #1's life a living Netu! (See SG-1 season 3 for further details on Netu.)

Ba'al #1, well, he's mostly canon-ish, but just to make things more interesting for him, he's linked to #13 in such a way that if #13 dies, #1 might just not live quite as long as he'd planned. Now, this doesn't mean that #1 will die immediately following the death of #13, just that his life might be a little shorter by a few hundred or so years. See, #13's just as sneaky and devious as #1 is, so if #13 dies, a nifty little homing device will activate and allow the Tok'ra to locate Ba'al #1 in order to capture him and remove the symbiote from his head. This process is generally fatal to the snake, but usually okay for the host.

Ba'al, unlike many of his fellow System Lords, tends to speak with his normal, human voice, rather than the altered, alien one. He does this to 'blend in' with human society while he's threatening to either destroy it or take it over by force. He's just nice and polite that way. He's none to keen on being controlled or having to follow orders, but he has done so in order to maintain his ranking in the System Lord hierarchy. (Hey, when you used to work for Anubis and he comes back and says 'Jump,' you definitely respond by kneeling, then asking 'How high, My Lord?'.)

Oh, and did we mention that one or more of the Ba'als has plans for wreaking havoc in [info]otherways? No, well, now we did.
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